Friday, January 6, 2012

Tips On How To String A Crossbow

In order to maintain utmost security and performance of the crossbow, it is advised that the strings have to be routinely changed, depending on the frequency of use. A person who hunts often may need to replace them yearly, or once the strings show signs of wear and strain. Many can bring them to an archery shop for service; or with the correct tools, people can string it on their own.

Changing a string on a compound bow demands a bow press. Use a bow press that’s authorized or certified to protect the warranty. When a bow press is not accessible, it’s much better to just hand them over to a expert for service. The other supplies needed are a new bowstring, a bowstring wax and eye protection. Check the old string for any breaks or damages. Be cautious of worn out strings, because it might snap in the middle of the procedure and result to injuries. The bow press also reduces the probabilities of the string breaking so this also works as an added safety precaution alongside the eye protection. Keep in mind to examine the new string for any manufacturing flaws and wax it first for easier installation.

Start by setting the bow into the bow press. Using the adjustable press, gradually press on the limbs to release the bowstring. If there’s no bow press available, begin with pressing the right limb into the ground, with the foot as a stop block to avoid slippage. Take out the string from the left limb, and then loosen the pressure on the right limb. Take the other end of the string from the grooves of the right limb. Take the new string and set one end of it in to the left limb’s string grooves. Using the foot again as a stop block, press the left limb to the ground, then take the other end of the string into the right string grooves. Carefully loosen the stress on the right limb until the string tightens. Then apply wax to the new string. Additionally, it helps to have somebody else around to help with the process. Check the bow after restringing and check if it fires straight and smooth.

As part of the maintenance, examine the string and wax it prior to using. Always use the correct string materials; substituting with a plain twine or yarn will most likely fail and cause injury. Safety is often a primary concern so it’s better to seek advice from a professional or an archery store prior to stringing.

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